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Global Marine Survey Algeria
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Our network of surveyors has the technical strength, knowledge and tools to achieve the precision, the accuracy and results you need.





Global Marine Survey Algeria  is an independent inspection company, established in Algeria since 1994, acting in all Algerian ports and providing a complete range of inspection, quality control and consulting services to trade and industries as well as governmental buying organizations.   

   We have been an established popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction.

We believe in keeping the customers happy and provide them with products at a very competent price.

    In addition to that, our marine surveyor team are professional experts with integrity and very fast responses.


   The expert advice of our experienced team of marine consultants allow you to focus on the essential elements of your core business activities. You can trust us to ensure that your cargo claim or investigation is handled with care. 

On call and available 24 hours to ensure your marine & cargo survey requirements are met to support your project well. 

 Our Marine Surveyors will assure that your cargo is in good lifting hands. They will enable you obtain the loading activity in safe conditions and make sure that your cargo reaches its destination in a perfect condition.

   Global Marine Survey Algeria has professional experts to conduct all marine survey activities. Working up to the standards of our clients, our network of assessors has the technical strength, knowledge and tools to achieve the precision, accuracy and results one needs. Our office and field support team are always eager to help you with guidance and effective troubleshooting. We carry out on your behalf to give you the financial protection and the peace of mind you need while shipping cargo. 



We are professionals with a wide ranging experience. We allow you to focus on the essential elements of your core business activities.

You can trust us to ensure that your cargo, claim or investigation is handled with care.

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We provide authentic survey reports, with the benefit of fast, accurate and comprehensive troubleshoot ensuring our commercial obligations. Besides, very high standards are met at every stage.  

It is not only our experienced specialist inspectors who make us stand out from the crowd, but it is our attention to customer care and detail. We understand that each client is an individual with specific needs, and we will guarantee a tailored approach for each project on a case-by-case basis.


Our Marine Surveyors providing  good services with fast responses. A 24 hour standby team of marine surveyor professionals are available and waiting around the clock for your calls .



We understand that you need to be where the business is.

No matter where in the world you are, you can rely upon the same consistent and meticulous findings whether that be in the confines of the laboratory or the unforgiving field environment.

Marine surveyor team from Global Marine Survey Algeria, can perform and conduct all of Marine & Cargo Survey, working jobs as well as Liquid, Gas Survey and Laboratory tests for Petroleum products.

Please find below our services' list:

General Cargo Survey
  • Draft Survey

  • Hold Cleanliness

  • Cargo Damage Investigation

  • Pre break-bulk, opening seals/unsealing

  • Container Inspection

  • Tally and condition survey

  • Inspection for cargo quantity

  • Condition during stuffing & un-stuffing

  • Pre-shipment and Pre-loading Survey

  • Weighing and measuring

  • Cargo sampling

  • Loading & discharging supervision

  • Measuring and Condition Survey

  • Cargo Insurance

Hull & Machinery Survey
  • Condition Survey: Sale & Purchase survey.

  • Engine & Machinery Damage Survey

  • On/Off Hire Bunker Survey

  • Hull & Structural Damage Survey

  • Cargo Hatch Condition (Ultra Sonic Test).

  • Accident Investigation Survey.

  • Towing & Lashing Survey



Liquid Cargo and Gas
  • Free Gas Survey
  • Loading / Discharging Superintendence

  • Loss Control / Cargo Damage Survey

  • Shore / Ship Tanks Cleanliness Survey

  • ROB Inspection

  • ROB Fuel Consumption

  • Pre-shipment inspection

  • Tank cleanliness inspection

  • Oil losses inspection

       Laboratory Analysis      

In case there is any requirement from our client for laboratory analysis, we will perform such inquiry at our authorized partnership laboratory that is recognized as the most reliable Laboratory in Algeria.

Testing, analysis, assaying, however you refer to it, independent laboratory test results give you the ability to ‘prove’,with integrity, the chemical composition and physical properties of a given product.

A comprehensive spectrum of analysis is available and the laboratory is able to issue certificates of quality for both export and import, meeting the various specifications.


If you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact us! 


Keep in Touch:

In case you have an order for marine survey, please do not hesitate to contact us on the below communication addresses:

     19, Rue Aissat Idir_Annaba, Algeria 23000

     Telephone: +213 38 45 69 04
     Direct Call 24 Hrs: +213 661 32 61 09

     Hand-phone: +213 661 32 61 09

     WhatsApp: +213 661 32 61 09   

     Email: /



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If you have any comments or questions regarding GMSA or our expertise/personnel, please get in contact with us via the form below:

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Our reputation preceeds us!


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